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Christian Church (Disciples of Christ
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Reconciliation Ministry would like to build a database of strong resourcesthat address racism, prejudice, inequality and culture in our society. 

If you have found resources that have been helpful in your community or ministry, please share in order that others may benefit from your discovery.
You can also check:


 What kind of Asian you are?

The Gardener's Tale. Camara Jones (19 mins)
TedTalk: The Danger of A Single Story (19 mins)


Debunking the "Mode lAsian"  Myth by Hippo Reads

Resources from Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference New Jim Crow Study Guide

White Privilege/The Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McInstosh

A Litany for a Call to the Ministry of Reconciliation

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Reconciliation Grant Application (PDF)Grants awarded are intended to help initiate new and/or fund existing projects that targetanti-racism/anti-bigotry or that promotes pro-reconciling initiatives.

If you have additional resources that you feel would be helpful,